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LIFEGroup leaders and other church members have been asked to lead theses classes. Couples have been partnered together to co-lead. In keeping with our desire to be an intergenerational church, each pair of co-leaders are from different ages and stages of life.


Every Sunday in June

9:30am and 11:00am


All core equipping classes will be held on campus. During the week of Memorial Day, all participants will receive confirmation of the class they are attending, along with the room where they will be meeting.

What about LIFEGroups?

All LIFEGroups will be taking a brief pause of meeting on Sundays and Wednesdays in June. We are encouraging everyone in our church family to participate in a Core Equipping Class.

This is a great opportunity for the generations to grow together. 

Why do i have to sign up?

Please help us in our planning and preparation by signing up. This will help our leaders have a better understanding of how many will be a part of their class, and we will be able to assign rooms based on group size and mobility needs. 

what if i forget to sign up?

We want everyone to be part of our Core Equipping Classes.

We will not turn you away if you show up. As long as there is a seat, there is room.

We are even willing to run to another room to add a seat for you. It simply helps us prepare for you to register ahead for Equipping Classes.

What classes are being offered and who is leading them?

We have 7 classes: Apologetics,

Bible 101: How to Study the Bible, Evangelism, Marriage, Parenting, Spiritual Disciplines, and Stewardship.


In keeping with our desire to be intergenerational, classes will be colead by two couples who are at least 10 or more years apart in age and stage of life.

Registration for June Core Equipping Classes

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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