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During His time on earth, Jesus made bold claims about His identity. Some believed while others scoffed. For those early believers following Jesus meant everything about their lives changed. The same is true for us today. In this series from the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 12 we see how Jesus isn’t just a part of life. He is life, and this truth changes everything.

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Jesus claims authority over all things. Where does this authority come from, and how does surrendering to the authority of Jesus actually provide us the greatest freedom and joy? In ‘By What Authority’ (Mark 10-11) we’ll see how the first events of Passover week point us to Jesus’ authority and what it means to trust that His authority is for our good.

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Every year we make resolutions and goals to change. Often, we end up right where we started. Year after year, these truths have proven to be timeless and trustworthy; yet, we often neglect them because they don’t seem practical or go against our natural tendencies. Join us for ‘New Year, Same Truth’ as we see how unchanging truth can change us in 2022.

Past Sermon Series:
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There are many ideas that come to mind when we think about kings. In our sermon series ‘Let Earth Receive Her King,’ we see in the Gospel of Mark who Jesus is and how to align our hearts to ‘Prepare Him Room’ and ‘Receive our King.’

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What if the answer to overcoming our fear isn’t found in trying harder or being better, but found in trusting someone else? Join us for our new teaching series from the Book of Mark, ‘He, Greater Than Fear’ as we learn what Jesus means when He says, ‘Fear not, only believe.’

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As Jesus began his public ministry, He encountered a lot of questions and a lot of opposition by those who had different plans and expectations from Him. In our current series, He>Religion, we see in Mark chapters 2 and 3 how Jesus invites us to something greater than religion; a relationship with God.

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God gives his people a clear mission: to go and make disciples. Yet, we are often hindered in this mission because our lose focus and sight of the goal of knowing Jesus and making Him known. In this series we dive into what it means to live on mission - to show His love in the culture around us to the people whom He loved enough to die for.

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When we think about worship often, we think of music, a specific tradition, or an event we attend. In our new sermon series: ‘Malachi: The Heart of Worship,’ we will see what a heart of worship is and how everything about a Christian’s life is shaped by an understanding of who God is and what He has done. 


In our sermon series He>Tradition, The Gospel of Mark, Chapters 7 and 8 we see how Jesus shows us that traditions themselves don’t make us right with God, but that there is One who can.

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What is visible on the surface isn’t always everything that there is to see. In our sermon series ‘Beneath the Surface’ we look at the parables recorded in Mark Chapter 4, looking underneath the surface to see what Jesus is teaching His followers about faith and the kingdom of God.

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People had been waiting a long time for the Messiah to come. When He did, He wasn’t exactly what they thought He would be. The Gospel of Mark tells the story of Jesus’ life and ministry, what He did and why He came. In He, Greater Than I, we see how the call to follow Jesus begins with first recognizing who He is, and that is greater than we could ever imagine.


After the last words of the Old Testament were recorded, there was silence. 400 hundred years passed without another word from God to His people. In our sermon series ‘Fulfilled: How the Fulfillment of All Things in Christ Leads to Our Fulfillment in All Things,’ we see how Jesus is the fulfillment of every one of God’s promises to His people.