We aren't meant to do life alone!  LIFEGroups are designed to help us connect and know we BELONG as part of God's family. Groups meet regularly to study the Bible and to care and pray for each other. LIFEGroups help us carry out the Discipleship Essentials of Worship, Grow, Serve, Give, and Reach.

The 4 key markers of our LIFEGroups:
- Learning and living out the Bible

- Intentional Relationships and Accountability
- Fellowship and Care
- Evangelism and Service

Below is more information on groups and how to get connected. For questions, contact:


Most LIFEGroups meet on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. A few groups meet at other times during the week. 

Check the list of groups below, grouped by meeting time, to see what may be a good connection for you.

LIFEGroups meet on-campus and offer a Zoom option for those who need to connect online.


Groups also meet during the week off-campus for gatherings, socials, Bible study and prayer.


We have LIFEGroups for any age or stage of life. We want everyone connected in a group where they can grow as a disciple and experience the fellowship of the Body of Christ.


Our LIFEGroup leaders are church members who are committed to see people growing in worship and faith. 




9:30 am


Leaders: Steve & Gail Faris

Room: A-201 
​In the book of Acts, the "Bereans" were a group of people who "searched the Scripture.” We are a multi-generational group, ages

30's - 70's. 

Leaders: Tyler and Amy Goodman & Micah and Cait Vaughan

Room: A-207 

A group of young adults, from mid 20's to mid 40's, who study the Bible and "do life" together during the week. 

Leaders: Roger & Kaye Barrett;

Scott & Sharon Wilcoxen

Room: A-202 

"Message Received and Will Comply"…. That is our group's desire each and every day, ages 50's-60's.

El Camino
Leaders: Angel & Maria Morrobel

Room: A-106

A Spanish-speaking group, who reach people in our community to study God’s Word together with joy and energy.

Wright Place
Leaders: Lynn & Judy Neergaard

Room: A-105

A group of mostly couples who are 70+ and who love the Word and love to meet needs in our church and community. 


Leader: Mary Wright

Room: A-112

A group of senior women who are committed to applying God’s Word to daily living and meeting together regularly for fellowship and service.

New Hope

Leader: Maedell Bass

Room: A-109

A group of mostly older women who are involved in ministry and show compassion and care for one another and truly treat each other like family. 

Son's Worshippers

Leaders: Riley & Marcelle Shelnutt

Room: A-211

A group primarily of people who are 65+.  We study the Bible together on Sundays and connect with each other throughout the week.

Good News

Leaders: Billy & Ruth Grimes

Room: A-108

​​A group of mostly 70+ adults who love studying God’s Word, sharing Him with others, and care deeply for one another.

Word of Life

Leader: John Lieb

Room: Conference Room
A group of senior men who are committed to studying and applying God’s Word to daily living.

11:00 am

Franklin/Hefner LifeGroup

Leaders: John and Andrea Franklin;

Jeremy and Kelly Hefner

Room: A-211

Young adults, primarily with elementary & middle school kids, who study the Bible together on Sunday mornings and "do life" together throughout the week.

Young/Buckelew LIFEGroup

Leaders: Phillip & Laura Young; 

Tyler & Kelsey Buckelew

Room: A-209

Young adults, primarily with elementary school-age kids and younger, who study the Bible together on Sunday mornings and "do life" together throughout the week.

Salt Life

Leaders: Mark & Jenny Wise

Room: A-201

A group of married couples, with children and teenagers, who seek to build relationships with one another throughout the week.

Compartiendo la Verdad

Leaders: Ernie & Máyra De La Cantera

Room: A-106

El propósito del estudio Compartiendo la Verdad es exponer la verdad basada el la palabra de Dios.  En el estudio escudriñamos la palabra, versículo por versículo exponiendo la verdad bíblica. 


Leaders: Bill & Shawn Grigsby, and John & Lissa Corley

Room: A-202

A.C.T.S. stands for Active Christians Training and Serving. A group of people in their 40s-60s who enjoy studying God's Word with practical application to challenges we face in today's world.

Rickie's Group

Leaders: Art & Vicky Wilson

Room: A-111 

A group of singles and married, both young and older, who love each other, learn together from God’s Word, and pray for each other weekly. 

12:15 PM


Leaders: Scott & Tammy Williams

Room: A-107

College-age and young professionals, who study the word of God and are focused on shaping the future while building lifelong friendships now.

6:00 PM

Walker/Wyatt LIFEGroup

Leaders: Jason and Laura Lee Walker;
Justin and Christy Wyatt

Room: A-202

A group of adults, 30's - 40's, who study the Bible and 'do life' together throughout the week. 

Moore/Van Sant LIFEGroup

Leaders: Mark & Kim Moore;

Michael & Dana Van Sant

Room: A-207

A multi-generational group of adults; young and older, married and single. We study through the Bible, encourage each other to obey God's Word, and meet together throughout the week for fellowship and accountability.

Stokes/Jackson LIFEGroup

Leaders: John & Sandy Stokes;

Aaron & Beth Jackson

Room: A-201

A group of young married couples in their 20s and 30s. Our group seeks to have God-honoring marriages by living out the principles and truths of God's Word.

7:00 PM

Exchange LIFEGroup

Leaders: Ken & Amanda Nielsen

Room: Online

A group of young adults, mostly with younger children, who seek to grow in trust and obedience to the Lord and lead others to do the same.