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SERVE DAY April 13

Let’s get ready to serve! On Saturday, April 13, our Church on Bayshore and Rocky Bayou Baptist Church will join together to serve across our community to share the love of Christ. 
Crews will be assigned to different projects in our area. When you register, you can indicate areas you are available to serve. Based on needs, you may be assigned to a different crew of your first preference, so thank you for your flexibility in meeting needs! 


T-Shirts are available if you register by Easter Sunday, March 31. 


REGISTER NOW - Click Here!
Details of each crew and logistics for the day:


7:45 am Check-In Begins and Breakfast (Church on Bayshore) 
8:30 am Crews Meet in Sanctuary (Church on Bayshore) 
for Overview, Logistics, and Prayer 

8:50 am Crews Depart to Serve

When Will I Know My Crew?
Crew assignments will be sent out via email the week of the event.

What Should I Bring?
Dress Appropriately for your crew. Serve Day T-Shirts will be given out at registration for the first 100 who register. We recommend bringing a water bottle and snack. Most crews will be finished by noon.  

Can I Invite Someone from Outside the Church to Serve with Me?
You bet! In fact, we encourage it! Just help them get registered.

Do I Have to Register?
We need you to register! We want to provide the best experience for you and for those we are serving. We aren’t able to do that if we can’t plan well. So yes, please register. Those who do not register and show up on site will be assigned where the greatest need is.

What about transportation?

Great question! Some crews will be based from the church campus. Some will require transportation. Once we have crews set, we will communicate to work out a transportation plan including carpooling and church vans. At registration, you will be asked if you are able to provide transportation. 

What are the different opportunities and who can serve?
We’re glad you asked! Each crew does have a limit of people that can be assigned. One of the goals of Serve Day is to serve intergenerationally, so you can meet new people and build new relationships. There are some crews that are designed for your entire family to serve together. Those are indicated below. 

Block Party Crew  

We will throw a block party at a local Niceville park. This crew will canvas the neighborhood, inviting, meeting, and praying with people, then throw an epic party with crafts, games, and food! Open to everyone. 

CALM House Crew

Serve CALM House (Crisis Aid for Littles and Moms) by assembling furniture, facility care, and assistance in their furniture shop. Open to adults and students.


Canvasing/Prayer Walking Crew 

This crew will divide into small groups and walk the streets of Niceville, beginning in the area around our church. While walking, the teams will pray. As they see people, they will strike up conversation, discern needs, and pray. Open to all adults, students and kids. Before we start, we will talk through logistics and pointers in conversation. (This is a great whole family option, and for those whose time does not allow them to commit to the full morning). 

Children in Crisis Kids Crew 

Children in Crisis provides foster family homes that keep siblings together in a campus-style environment. This crew will spend time with the children on campus, play games and provide a fun activity! Open to adults and students. 
Children in Crisis Work Crew 

This crew will also serve on the Children in Crisis campus doing yardwork, groundwork, maintenance and upkeep. Open to adults, students and kids 8 and up with a parent. 

Grace Rides Crew 

Grace Rides uses horses to provide Christ-honoring care and services for families and children with different needs and abilities. This crew will support the work of Grace Rides with groundwork, cleaning, yardwork, and gardening. Open to adults, students and kids, age 8 and up with a parent. 

Homeless Ministry Crew
This crew will assemble care bags for the homeless in our area. After assembly, crews will assist with various projects at area homeless shelters. Open to adults. 

Jail Ministry Crew 

This crew will interact with and spend time with inmates in one of our local jail facilities and provide a cookout. In addition to cooking out, the crew will interact by playing basketball, throwing footballs and frisbees and building relationships and having Gospel conversations. Open to both men and women over the age of 21. This crew will return to Niceville around 2:00 PM. 


Meal Packing Crew 

This crew will work on campus with One More Child to sort and pack 25,000 prepackaged meals for distribution in our community to families in need. Open to adults, students and kids, ages 8 and above with a parent. 

Public Service Crew 

This crew will spend time packaging goodies and making cards, then delivering them to Police, Sheriff and Fire Stations in our community. The crew will talk to staff on duty at the time and pray for them. Open to adults, students and kids, any age with a parent. 


Senior Adults Centers Crew 

This crew will spend time packaging goodies and making cards, then delivering them to residents in assisted living and nursing care facilities in Niceville. The crews will talk to and pray with residents. Open to adults, students and kids, any age with a parent. 
School Service 

This crew will spend time serving on the campus of local schools doing physical improvements and facility projects. 

Wildwood Apartments Unit Clean Out Crew 

This crew will spend time at the apartment complex emptying 2 units to begin the process of new residents being able to move in. Open to adults and students.  


Wildwood Apartments Clean Up and Paint Crew  

This crew will spend time at the apartment complex doing yardwork at the playground and beautifying the playground with paint. Open to adults, students, and kids, ages 8 and above with a parent. 


Wildwood Apartments Work Crew 

This crew will spend time at the apartment complex doing tree trimming and yardwork. Expertise needed in tree trimming. The yardwork is open to adults, students and kids, ages 8 and above with a parent.


Twin Cities Pavilion Yard Sale Crew  

This crew will facilitate a yard sale as a fundraiser for Twin Cities Pavilion on their lawn. This crew will receive donated items, categorize them, and interact with patrons. Open to adults and students. 


REGISTER NOW - Click Here!

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