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The safety of all who attend Church on Bayshore is important to all of us. Our desire is for our kids, students, and adults to worship the Lord in a safe distraction-free environment. To keep people safe, Church on Bayshore has a Safety Team that trains quarterly to ensure we are prepared to respond in emergency situations. While some emergencies can be managed by our Safety Team alone, some emergencies require our Group Leaders to take part.  Our Emergency Action Plan details our policies and procedures for responding to emergencies. The EAP is available below along with a short training video for Group Leaders. We encourage all Group Leaders to familiarize themselves with our safety protocols on a quarterly basis.

EAP Cover.jpg

Emergency Action Plan

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance and direction to staff, volunteers and visitors in the event of an emergency. It details the process to follow in an emergency to include who to contact internally and externally, what actions to take and how to engage with first responders.  It shows our commitment to the physical and emotional safety of our members, staff and visitors.

Safety Team

Our Safety Team is made up of Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, Active and Retired Military, and select Staff Members.

safety team image.jpg

group leader training

Each week our volunteer Group Leaders teach, disciple, and care for hundreds of individuals. In the event of an emergency, our Group Leaders have a vital role in ensuring the safety of those in their care. 

We encourage all Group Leaders to watch the leader training video at least quarterly to ensure our leaders are prepared to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency.

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