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Childcare Reimbursement

Church on Bayshore will reimburse families for childcare expense during specific, Church on Bayshore events.


Examples of Reimbursable events: LIFEGroup Leader training, Kids and Student Ministry Volunteer Events, Connect Team training, Worship Team rehearsals, etc. Ministry Leaders will notify volunteers of each qualifying event.

Reimbursement cannot be requested to pay family members.

Reimbursement is for events where both parents are required to attend. Exceptions are for single parents, or families where one spouse is deployed.


For a family to receive reimbursement, the Childcare Reimbursement Form below must be completed and submitted. The ministry leader of the event will verify attendance of those requesting reimbursement, and then a reimbursement check will be issued.


Reimbursement will be $15/hour for the length of the event plus half an hour for travel to and from. If more than one babysitter is needed for a large group of children (i.e. children from more than one family at one home), the church will reimburse this same amount per sitter.


Childcare Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement is $15/hour

for the length of the event

plus no more than 1 hour travel time (to and from ministry event).

Thank you for submitting!

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