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Parent update


It is officially the most wonderful time of year! What an incredible semester it has already been! We are excited to continue to worship together on Sunday and Wednesday evenings as we wind down 2022!

Prayer Needs//WINS:

We want to be a church that prays together, here are a few ways you can be praying for Bayshore Students!

- Pray that we would continue to create a welcoming environment for our growing number of students

- Pray that God would continue to move in Students lives following DNOW

DNOW: while DNOW 2022 was the biggest event in Bayshore Student history it also was, and more importantly, was and incredible rally of Church members, and local church support organizations to provide an incredibly impactful and spiritual weekend for our students! one of the best parts of this weekend was an opportunity the students had to huddle together and pray over one another! What a joy it was to see your students united in prayer and praying for one another!

Bayshore Students Look Ahead:


Lifegroups will be continuing to study through the Gospel Project! 

Sunday Nights & Midweek:

We are walking through a series looking at those people to whom Jesus was born. We are looking at Mary and Josephs response to the incredible but daunting call by God to bear and raise Jesus! While we look at their incredible faith we are challenging students to have that same faith and bravery in the big and small things God is calling them to do!

Important Dates:

December 11th: HSM Worship Night

December 18th: HSM Christmas Party

December 21st: MSM Christmas Party

December 25th & January 4th: No Student Ministry Activities

January 8th: Student Ministry activities resume


We want to help you stay up to date on all things student culture and parenting the next generation to truly seek after Christ's heart and to make him known!

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