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Join us as we read through the Bible in three years! In 2024, we continue in the Old Testament and begin in 1 Chronicles.

Having a plan to follow will help us engage in Scripture throughout the week with organized daily readings. When it comes to Bible reading plans, there is no one right option; we simply want to encourage you to hide God's Word in your heart and grow in your obedience to Him. What better way to do that than together! A key to success is accountability, so we encourage you to invite someone to join you. Are you committing to reading the Bible with us in 2024?


​You have three options for following the plan:
1) Download the reading plan and keep it in your Bible.

2) Have the weekly reading schedule emailed and/or texted to you every Sunday.

3) Pick up a hard copy at the Welcome Desk or Kids Ministry Check-in.

Receive Weekly Reading by Text and/or Email!

Fill out this form or text 'Bible' to 850.600.6779 to let us know you are committing to the reading plan, so we can celebrate with you! We will also send weekly encouragement for you: the current week's reading schedule, and a video providing context for the book(s) we will be reading that week.

Thanks for submitting!



We recommend an active reading method called H.E.A.R journaling. A H.E.A.R. journal is a short reflection on one verse that you read that day that encourages understanding, application, and response. This method helps us know God’s Word and apply biblical truths to our lives.


The H.E.A.R. method looks like this:

  • Highlight a verse that stuck out to you during your reading.

  • Explain what the verse means in its context.

  • Apply the truth you discovered in Scripture to your life.

  • Respond to God with a prayer or an action step you can focus on.


Find out more here.


There’s nothing special about this reading plan. The best reading plan is the one that will encourage you to be in the Word. We want to read the Bible with the desire of asking God to transform our lives. We do not want this reading plan to be checking off the boxes on your daily reading schedule; we desire for each of us to spend time with the Lord through His Word to understand and respond to the Lord. 

ABOUT the 2024 Bible Reading Plan:

The Reading Plan guides you from 1 Chronicles through Malachi, as well as Psalms and Proverbs. This is a 260-day reading plan is divided into five readings of Scripture a week throughout the year. The plan leads people to read the Word for 4-8 minutes a day, five days a week, which allows for weekends off. The 2 days off are built in to allow you to catch up if you were unable to read or to spend more time meditating on that week’s chapters.  

When does the reading plan begin?

The 2024 Bible Reading Plan begins the week of January 1, though you can join in any time!

What happens if i get behind?

Life can get busy. The good news with this reading plan is if you get behind, just pick up with the next day’s reading. Each week is design with 5 readings, so there are built-in make-up times in the plan. 

Are There hard copies of the bible reading plan available?

Absolutely.  See the links above or you can pick up a hard copy on Sunday mornings at the Welcome Desk or Kids Ministry Check-in.

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