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God gives his people a clear mission: to go and make disciples. Yet, we are often hindered in this mission because our lose focus and sight of the goal of knowing Jesus and making Him known.
‘Live Sent’ is a declaration that we as believers are sent by God, carrying the good news of Jesus Christ. In this series we dive in to what it means to live on mission - to show His love in the culture around us to the people whom He loved enough to die for.

Live Sent: Are we in this Together?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: March 28th, 2021

Live Sent: What Does it Look Like to Live Sent?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: March 21st, 2021

Live Sent: What is the Gospel?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: March 14th, 2021

Live Sent: Living Sent with Jesus.

​Preacher: Jason Dukes
Date: March 7th, 2021

Live Sent: Will you Leave the 99 for the 1?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: February 28th, 2021

Live Sent: are you free to live sent?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: February 21st, 2021

Live Sent: Am i being faithful to god?

​Preacher: Michael Van Sant
Date: February 14th, 2021

Live Sent: Will you obey god?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: February 7th, 2021

Live Sent: Are you kingdom minded?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: January 31st, 2021

Live Sent: Does the church have a mission?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: January 24th, 2021

Live Sent: Will you be a friend of sinners?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: January 17th, 2021

Live Sent: What is holding you back?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: January 10th, 2021

Live Sent: Will you go?

​Preacher: James Ross
Date: January 3rd, 2021

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